artbp @ Ozine 2015

Hey all! We’ll be selling goods in Ozine Fest 2015 this coming April 24-26 at the Megatrade Halls, 5th Floor SM Megamall. The con will be open from 10:00am to 8pm. Will be posting previews of items that will be sold in the near future (if time allows us)! Hope to see you there! We’ll be at booth E43!

EDIT: Heads up! The organizers for the convention told us that there has been a change in the layout. It has something to do with SM wanting a crowd control, so we have been relocated from booth E43 to E58. Thank you very much and hope to see you! Please note that this new map was edited based on memory / what we have seen during ingress.

Participating artists: gunouflage / mesoxalic / defenestratin (in spirit) / crooelle / lycall / laceart

Guest artist: tryphenas

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