Dad and Son

Ok I’m not very good with narrating but it’s a small FFTA drabble I’ve come up with while working on this piece.

“So what is your wish?”
“My wish?”
“For Christmas, Mewt.”
Mewt stares at the ground while gathering his thoughts together. “Well, I…”
“No, don’t say it out loud or it won’t come true.” Cid points to the sky.
“Do you see that giant star up there? That’s a wishing star.”
“So I tell that thing my wish?”
Mewt looks up to the bright star in the sky.
“Yeah.” Mewt looks at his father. “What did you wish for, Dad?”
“Oooh, nothing special.” Cid keeps his eyes up. “how about you?”

If this was asked some time back, Mewt would have responded with several wishes. These wishes were already granted when he went to the magical world of Ivalice, but after the events that took place there he realize that there are some things in the real world even magic cannot replace.

Mewt quietly gazes at Cid. For many years he saw his father as someone lackadaisical. Now he’s changed; Cid looks much more determined, confident… it’s like the light in his eyes came back. Cid was just like this when he served as the Judgemaster of Ivalice, but after seeing his father as an ordinary man have the very same look, Mewt prefers it much more this way. Cid has finally become someone Mewt has always wanted in a father, and he would rather have this in the real world.

“Nothing special…” Mewt repeats Cid’s words softly as he looks back up to the sky. He had nothing more to wish for, all he wants now is just for things to remain this way. His father by his side and his mother watching both of them from above as they continue to live on with their lives with content.

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