B143 End Illustration Cards #1: Basti and Jinoh

[Philippines] Hello, everyone! Maraming salamat po sa pagnood niyo ng unang episode ng Barangay 143! As a personal project of mine, I plan to make ‘end illustration cards’ like these and accompany it with some trivia/info about the series and/or the characters.

Let me start by mentioning that I’m honored to be part of the team as a pre-production artist! The initial designs were made by an animation studio in Japan we’re collaborating with, and my role (along with my fellow artists) is to work around those designs and finalize them to what you see at present. We also make illustrations for marketing/promotional materials and others. Among the characters I designed are Basti (anime) and Jinoh. Even if they appeared only for a short time I hope you like(d) them!

Warning: Contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen Episode 1.

ROBERTO SEBASTIAN JR. (BASTI): I grew fond of Basti when I first met him in Barangay Basketball (the name of the app/game before it was renamed to Barangay 143: Street League). Imagine the shock I had when I heard that he would be killed in the animated series! Of course I got excited when he was assigned to me, but I also felt very sad. Initially Japan’s design for Basti was very much different, especially his hair. It was only sometime later I decided to revise his appearance to match how he originally looked in game since that was who everyone (who played the game) was familiar with, and it was also the Basti I came to love.

JINOH PARK: Jinoh was actually my very first character I worked on (Man, that was a long time ago)! At that time I was told to stick to the design Japan provided, and if I were to change something it would only be the very minor details. Of course I was also shocked and sad to hear he’d die in an accident. “Why do I get the dead ones?!” I recall myself jokingly complaining to my workmates and directors at that time because it’s so easy for me to get attached to characters and it hurts if they die!!!!!! Ya feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in to Episode 2 next week for more!

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