B143 End Illustration Cards #2: Joaquin “Wax” Rivera

[Philippines] Hello mga ka-barangay! Man, did we learn more about Bren in the latest episode! Bren already had the spotlight earlier (haha), so I wanna introduce another character I designed – Joaquin Rivera, otherwise known as Wax! Most fans (especially those who played the game) are already familiar with him, no? Right now I’ll be talking about how his design came to be in the animated series. By the way, Episode 1 “End Illustration Cards” (EICs) Basti and Jinoh can be viewed here if you haven’t seen it!

Thanks to my guest artist and fellow Barangay 143 character designer @kopibit for drawing Wax’s friend Dexter in the third card! He made his debut in Episode 1 with Wax in the gym before the match between Puzakal and Oso Negro. He appeared again in Episode 2 at the scene where he, Cedric and Wax bumped on Vicky in the street.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by me do not necessarily state or reflect those of my company, its workers and its management as well as the network the anime is being aired on.


This young boy in red is (the younger) Wax in Barangay Basketball. During the very early stages of the anime when everyone else was still being fleshed out, there was an initial design of Bren that the creators liked, however he and Wax looked almost similar especially in their silhouettes. The director at that time decided to make the two characters have unique and distinct features: Bren having “more hair” while Wax, well, loses the hair and adapts the semi-bald look. The pegs and references were sent to Japan for them to create his initial anime appearance.

(To make it clear: the studio in Japan we collaborated with set the art style for Barangay 143, but they did not create the characters themselves. The concepts and final designs were made by our team.)

After Japan gave their take on the design, Wax was benched for some time. There were other characters that still need to have their appearances finalized (such as Bren’s parents Jinoh and Yumi for instance), so he was kind of in the ‘least priority’ queue. Later I was graced by having Wax assigned to me. I liked him since Barangay Basketball days so you could imagine how much I’ve been wanting to design him if given the chance!

Anyway I made a lot of changes from Japan’s initial design.

The first challenge I got was drawing his head because prior to him I’ve never drawn characters with so little amount of hair! I also gave Wax a bit more muscle. His eyebrows were made thicker and were given bushy edges so he won’t look too plain. His fashion style and choice of clothing was planned a little later. After a lot of brainstorming, drafting, and several feedback and revisions, Wax became who he is today.

Despite some, I’m honestly happy that he was received well by the public. Please continue to love and support Wax as he’ll be going through so many things in the coming weeks. Kaya mo iyan, Wax! We’ll be rooting for you!

I can answer selected (educational) questions regarding Barangay 143 and/or its characters in my next entry if you have any! Catch y’all next week after Episode 3 airs!

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