B143 End Illustration Cards #3: Roberto “Basti” Sebastian Jr.

[Philippines] Mga ka-barangay, magandang araw ulit! We saw Wax and Vicky become emotional in today’s episode during Basti’s tribute. With her brother no longer around, Vicky received Basti’s award in his stead. In the events between Barangay Basketball and Barangay 143′s timeline, Roberto “Basti” Sebastian Jr. became a gifted basketball player for Team Puzakals as well as for the Philippine team. Outside of sports, he was a very good son to Coach B and a reliable big brother for Vicky. To Wax, Basti was his role model and a very good friend. Let’s go to the past again and this time, find out more about Basti such as how he and Wax met and what kind of person he was.

My previous EIC entry is about Wax Rivera’s design, so if you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out here! I also posted about Basti in the first EIC set.

Guest artist: Fellow character designer @exelion-star! Thank you for illustrating card 3 – Basti with his team mates in Team Puzakals!

Energy full! Let’s play basketball!

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by me do not necessarily state or reflect those of my company, its workers and its management as well as the network the anime is being aired on.

 Barangay Basketball

Before Barangay 143 anime and Barangay 143: Street League app, there was the story-based mobile game called Barangay Basketball. The story revolves around a 14-year old Wax Rivera who aims to be a good basketball player just like his father before him. He’s good at it, but not good enough to beat other players who play better than him. At the start of the game, Wax gets defeated by a rival in a friendly match and that’s where Coach B finds him. He said Wax has the skills/potential to play basketball alright, but not enough determination and heart.

Later, Coach B introduces Wax to Boy Pana, Croco, Popoy, and Gardo, the people who can help him improve on his game (Though I think in another version, Coach B introduced his son Basti first to Wax, then Basti introduced Wax to the four? I don’t remember…). After Wax passed the tests given to him, he faces Basti next. To begin with, Basti wasn’t fond of Wax. If it weren’t for his father’s persistence, Basti wouldn’t have bothered with an amateur like him.


Using what he learned and the new skills he obtained from practicing with the four teachers earlier, Wax managed to defeat Basti in a friendly match. His view on Wax suddenly changed and since then had started warming up to him. Basti was excited at how good Wax had gotten so he was introduced to another character who will also be able to aid in improving his skills. From that point on, Basti and Wax stuck together, with Basti supporting Wax all the way and doing what he can to help his new friend improve at basketball.

From what I recall, Basti almost never left Wax’s side even as the story progresses. He always tried to find ways to give Wax some encouragement to keep practicing in his sport even if it’s hard. The unmotivated Wax finds strength in Basti’s words and continues playing, eventually overcoming challenges and defeating players he once thought were hard to beat.


To those unfamiliar, you can say Vicky and Wax are childhood friends. Basti introduced Wax to Vicky when they first met each other. I recall there was an episode where Vicky’s school bag got stolen by thugs so Wax and Basti had a match between those guys to get it back. They managed to return the bag to Vicky in the end!


 Barangay 143: Street League webcomics

In the webcomics, it is already established that Wax and Basti already knew each other and are close friends. Their fathers were former basketball players and are also friends. When Wax visits Barangay 143 to train, Basti and his family (Coach B and Vicky) personally accompany him in training to help him become a better basketball player.


You can still read the old comics here (Tagalog language only):
Volumes 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 [discontinued]

 Barangay 143 anime series


Episode 1: Coach B gazes at an old photo of himself with Basti and his team mates hung on a wall. (The photo is also an illustration I worked on!)

Basti served as the captain for this [photo] line-up of Team Puzakals until his death. Coach B, devastated at the loss of his son, decided to disband the team and take a break from coaching basketball for quite some time. It was only recently he tried going back to coaching again, most likely because he misses the fun of it. However, even if he has his daughter Vicky actively at his side, things just aren’t the same without his son. The new Team Puzakals recruits are in terrible need for more training and practice, but that’s the least of Coach B’s worries…..

I can answer selected (educational) questions regarding Barangay 143 and/or its characters in my next entry if you have any! Feel free to hit me up on here or on Curious Cat. See you on episode 4!

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