B143 End Illustration Cards #4: Bren Park

Barangay 143 is bound for International release. If you are not from the Philippines but you are interested in the series, please do not read my EIC entries to avoid spoilers. Thank you!

[Philippines] I didn’t work on this character, but I would like to discuss about Bren Park’s design for this week’s EIC. We’ll find out everything else about him as the story progresses in the anime. Please continue watching and supporting Barangay 143!

Thank you for being my guest artists for this entry: Abytz (for card 2; she is Bren’s character designer) and @kopibit​ (for card 3)!

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by me do not necessarily state or reflect those of my company, its workers and its management as well as the network the anime is being aired on.


Continuing from/adding onto Wax Rivera’s entry on his design (I encourage you to read it if you haven’t), Wax and Bren’s silhouettes were too similar in their initial designs. Certain features needed to be added in order to give these two characters very distinct appearances. Taking personality into consideration as well, the one most likely to retain the ‘wilder’ look is Bren. Wax gets the cooler color palette (blue) and appearance while Bren gets the warmer tones (red). To look ‘loud’, yellow was chosen to be his hair dye color, and it goes along well with the color of Team Puzakals too!

Limiting Bren’s entry to this, since – as mentioned earlier – we’ll get to know Bren in the upcoming episodes! Let’s also root for him as he faces his new life in Manila. Good luck with Vicky too, bro. She’s a handful.

I would like to remind the audience that each of the characters’ designs in Barangay 143 were carefully planned by the creators, writers, directors, and artists. We took a lot of things into consideration before finalizing a character’s look. Of course we can’t avoid it if by chance our designs look similar to other characters outside of the series, but if you look around there are many that share almost the same appearances as well. I’m sure the creators also have explanations as to why their characters are designed like that. Let’s all just make these designs coexist with each other. Even if the characters look alike, their worlds/stories are still very different and that’s what makes each of them unique.

So I’ve been writing about Barangay 143′s characters for the past few weeks, here’s what @kopibit has to say about Jinri!

“Jinri was one of my favorites to work on as I enjoy also drawing female characters. She went through a lot of work, from her features, her hair, body type, and even her outfit, until we finally got to her final design! The process of designing her was very rocky so finally coming to one and locking that design was satisfying. She’s a sweet and kind girl so I hope you all like her too!”

She also designed Comm. Jack, Dexter, Cedric, Junior Fernando, Ipe Aguilar, and Yumi Park among others that have yet to be revealed. Please look out for her characters as well!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who has been supporting the series from the start. We’re really proud of this project and happy it’s finally airing! We’re aware that it isn’t perfect, so any kind of feedback is appreciated. If you have any concerns you’d like to raise (aside from the dubbing hahaha), please tweet to the official B143 Twitter or use the official weekly hashtags. The team will definitely read them! If you are more active on Facebook, you can like/follow the official page.

Kita-kits ulit sa susunod na linggo!

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