B143 End Illustration Cards #5-6: Team Puzakals

Barangay 143 is bound for International release. If you are not from the Philippines but you are interested in the series, please do not read my EIC entries to avoid spoilers. Thank you!

[Philippines] SA WAKAS unti-unting dumadagdag ang screentime ng Team Puzakals sa anime! Sa totoo lang, gigil na gigil na ako sa kanila’t matagal ko na silang gustong ipakilala sa inyong lahat. But not everything will be revealed just yet as it’s too soon! So what I’ve prepared is just a teaser — a very short informal introduction to Team Puzakals. Let’s get to know the boys by name and appearances for now.

Again, we have kopibit as a guest artist. Thank you for drawing Junior and Ipe!

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by me do not necessarily state or reflect those of my company, its workers and its management as well as the network the anime is being aired on.

Probably the most lovable boys you’ll ever meet in the series are the members of Team Puzakals. They’re not the best when it comes to basketball (or anything else really…) but! Each of the characters — unique as they are — when grouped together reveal that they’re the most makulit and fun barkada one would like to have! …At least I think so.

Anyway, here they are!

Character designer: Charis Dunn

Chikoy Poh. #75. Voiced by Jerald Napoles.
Self-proclaimed pinaka-pogi sa lahat. Chickboy.

Shugo Sikat. #96. Voiced by Archie Alemania.
Da man wid da angas lips. Cool guy who knows how to make a pose.

Abdul Salik. #11. Voiced by Benjie Paras.
Pinakamatangkad sa lahat. Siya rin ang pinakatahimik?
Mapagkakamalan mo siyang puno.

Character designer: koalaflage (me)

Koboy Guerrero. #10. Voiced by Paolo Contis.
Kung magsalita’y mas mabilis pa sa lolo mong galit.
Maraming hiwagang nakatago sa buhok niya, maniwala ka.

Norman Nazareno. #19. Voiced by Antonio Aquitania.
Pretty boy. Maganda ang mukha, pero madaling magalit.
Hindi mahilig mag-smile sa camera.

Character designer: kopibit

Junior Fernando. #5. Voiced by Roadfill Sparks.
Sobrang bait. Sobrang maamo. Sobrang braso.

Ipe Aguilar. #00. Voiced by Kimpoy Feliciano.
Minsan mabagal mag-proseso ang kanyang isip, pero mapapabilib ka
naman sa bilis ng kamay at bibig pagdating sa pagkain.

Admittedly they’re a weird inexperienced bunch especially for a basketball team, making the future of Team Puzakals uncertain. However, with Bren joining the line-up (even just for one season), will the cats finally be able to leap a little higher? Let’s see how things will go for the team in the next episodes.

See you in the next update!

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