Phew! Done migrating posts and customizing the site layout and all.

With recent events happening at Tumblr (and I’ve always wanted to find a ‘better’, ‘more professional’ site to put my longer entries/discussions), I’ve decided to find another blog. I considered other sites but eventually I ended up using WordPress. Some links in my previous entries may be a little fcked or they link to Tumblr… Right now I don’t have the time and effort to fix everything haha so I’ll leave it as they are.

As mentioned in the front page I’ve migrated selected Tumblr posts to WordPress for documentation/archiving purposes as my (remade) Facebook and Twitter don’t have my older entries, just in case I’ve finally decided to stop using Tumblr’s service completely! My future drawings will continue to be posted mainly on Facebook and Twitter.

(Twitter has a recent issue as well in regards to sharing content/art, so I might end up just dropping it depending on how things will go. I still have other sites like Instagram or Pixiv We don’t talk about DeviantArt to post art on eventually, though right now I’m not really touching them as much. Aaah it’s so hard to find the right site for artists!)

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