B143 End Illustration Cards #7-8: Koboy and Norman

[Philippines] Medyo long-overdue itong dalawang ‘to. Koboy and Norman are the two characters in Barangay 143 I want to talk about (and draw) the most! I also posted a brief introduction to the Team Puzakals characters here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed by me do not necessarily state or reflect those of my company, its workers and its management as well as the network the anime is being aired on.

(Right now there is a limit to how much I can say about these two, so please keep in mind that this isn’t everything about Koboy and Norman!)

So far from the episodes that aired prior to the season break which began last December 9 (the anime will resume on February 10 2019), Barangay 143 was heavily focused on Bren, Vicky, and Wax. The characters of Team Puzakals are usually by the sidelines, with them appearing almost always as a group so it’s hard to get to know them individually, except perhaps Koboy who has the most exposure out of everyone else in the team.

Koboy Guerrero (#10) is 23 years old with a height of 178cm (5’10”). He was born in Olongapo but raised in Batangas. Currently works as a buko seller among other ‘raket’ that can earn him some honest money. Some of his notable features include having a clover-shaped afro, thick brows, ear piercings and slightly droopy eyes. Koboy is voiced by Paolo Contis.

Back when it was finally time for the artists to bring Team Puzakals to life, we were really excited! The director at that time made us choose which characters we want to work on. Norman was my first (and initially, only) choice in the roster. I always had a thing for afros. Drawing his turnaround however was a different story. I struggled most especially with his hair. Originally his hair was like a cloud with many uneven shapes, but I was asked to simplify it more so I made it look like a clover instead. It was challenging to draw it from the side because I had to make it work with the front view.

Confession: ’til this day I still find it difficult to draw his hair! Of course it’s much easier from when I first did it since I’m already used to drawing Norman, but I still find it hard since there are these ‘rules’ I have as an artist when it comes to illustrating his hair.

Trivia: Norman has the same skin color as Wax Rivera’s.

I couldn’t make a second illustration for Norman in time, sorry!

Norman Nazareno (#19) is 24 years old and is 175cm (5’9″) tall and works as an Ordinary Seaman (it’s a little unclear as to how he has time to play for Team Puzakals; he probably just came back from a long trip and is taking a break from his work, or he has no trips currently). Norman’s hair is tied into a high bun with loose strands on his forehead and at the sides of his face. He also has facial hair (The stubble count is strictly 7). His eye color is blue-gray.

Around the same time as I was working on Norman, the same director called my attention and asked if I wanted to draw the character. I thought somebody else already claimed him at that time. I don’t recall asking why, I just agreed, although I was still wary. Norman at that time didn’t appeal to me much and I was worried that if I worked on a character I’m not interested in, it might not turn out great. Then the director showed me possible character inspirations and pegs from various anime shows, and little by little I got to know more about Norman and my interest in him grew as well. Fast forward to this day: Norman is now my ‘baby’ among all of the other characters I’ve worked on. I’m quite fond of him.

Trivia: Originally I had to choose only between two skin colors for the characters I’ve worked on (that includes other side characters/incidentals). The instruction at that time was to keep characters and their color palettes consistent. However, Norman was neither as dark as Koboy and Wax, nor was he as light as the skin colors of Bren and Vicky, so I had to create one exclusively for him that was a shade in-between.

Best friends(?)

Always thought there was something with the two since the first time I saw them in the old line-up art. I seldom see my characters as soon as they leave the pre-production area and go to prod, so the next time I see them is already on the screen (air time). Parati ako natutuwa pag magkakatabi sila.

Screenshots of them together from the episodes that have aired so far!~

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