Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates! T_^);;

Personal: Was so busy with job searching and interviews but I’m happy to have found new office work (near my home)! 😀 Also still busy with the move, we’ve got so much stuff and our new place is small so we are having a hard time sorting stuff out orz….

Commissions: Will work inbetween making merch for BLush Con this July, priority will be given to merch making.

Upcoming Events: BLush Convention – I almost forgot about this con because I’ve been so busy!!! I’ve got some merch done but there’re still others I have to make T_^;;

How to balance getting updated gv’t IDs, medical records and stuff and merch stuff pls send help…

My next updates will be about Blush Convention, please look forward to those! I’ll be tabling with some friends and we’ll be selling BL/yaoi things~ If there’s something you wanna see lemme know :>

Thanks for reading!

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