New site up!

I bought a new domain, migrated from Wix and returned to WordPress.

Aughh wow that was a lot of work! Most of the artworks/entries scattered in my social media sites have been reuploaded here. The rest can be added in the future. It was a tiring task but I had fun backtracking. So many things happened before that I’ve forgotten!

This time I’ve added other things I haven’t included in my old website such as a compilation of my previous works and projects, pictures of my toys, and an improved and detailed frontpage, and links to sites like Patreon and ko-fi. Among others. I’m not really a web designer and I can only make do with WordPress’s available templates but I’ve done what I can to make the site pleasing/friendly to the eyes! I think.

As mentioned earlier the older entries and artworks in the blog section are far from complete. I’ll be adding more to the years when I find them.

My original projects will also be listed here. All of them are still in the works and so far Curtain Call is only one out of many I am comfortable showing any progress of at the moment.

Please bear with me as I continue to update this website! Thanks for visiting!

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