I just compiled my overtime for the last week of May and it almost reached 40 hours! With that much time I have to find a way to distribute the hours for my days off! It will prove a little difficult because our workload has been very heavy lately (and ESPECIALLY for this month) that we’re bound to have more overtime than free days.

At this time I’d rather use these hours for rest than get a monetary value equivalent. I wouldn’t want to end up overworking and eventually getting weaker… it’s difficult to get sick nowadays. My body isn’t exactly the best when it comes to resistance and when I get fatigued real bad, well, it gets bad. So I be sure to take extra caution and watch over my health too.

I’m just glad I have a friend who reminds me to take a break and stop working when needed. I have this bad thinking that if I’m working, I really need to finish it otherwise it isn’t any kind of progress for me and I did bad. I end up overworking myself beyond my limits and of course, whatever I produce turns out bad too. So yeah, I’m glad she’s there (online, not physically) to watch over me.

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