Just got swabbed

It’s been a few months since dad’s hospital confinement due to COVID-19, but in his recent test, his results were positive again (he got 1 negative result one time, but the more recent ones were positive)… this virus is super resilient and won’t go away!

No one in our house is displaying major symptoms of the virus, but it was worrying that dad’s result hasn’t improved (his health did though, he seems back to normal). Anyway people from the nearby hospital called earlier and said they will be dropping by the house to collect samples from everyone here. So just a couple of minutes ago they got samples from everyone.

Getting swabbed was quite an experience. I didn’t know we had a gland in the nose that triggers tears! The upper right side of my head throbs from the pain of insertion but it’ll pass. When the nice female nurse got a sample from my throat, it kinda tickled though haha.

Kinda anxious about what everyone’s results would be in the coming days…

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