B143 End Illustration Cards #7-8: Koboy and Norman

[Philippines] Medyo long-overdue itong dalawang ‘to. Koboy and Norman are the two characters in Barangay 143 I want to talk about (and draw) the most! I also posted a brief introduction to the Team Puzakals characters here if you haven’t seen it yet.

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B143 End Illustration Cards #5-6: Team Puzakals

Barangay 143 is bound for International release. If you are not from the Philippines but you are interested in the series, please do not read my EIC entries to avoid spoilers. Thank you!

[Philippines] SA WAKAS unti-unting dumadagdag ang screentime ng Team Puzakals sa anime! Sa totoo lang, gigil na gigil na ako sa kanila’t matagal ko na silang gustong ipakilala sa inyong lahat. But not everything will be revealed just yet as it’s too soon! So what I’ve prepared is just a teaser — a very short informal introduction to Team Puzakals. Let’s get to know the boys by name and appearances for now.

Again, we have kopibit as a guest artist. Thank you for drawing Junior and Ipe!

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B143 End Illustration Cards #4: Bren Park

Barangay 143 is bound for International release. If you are not from the Philippines but you are interested in the series, please do not read my EIC entries to avoid spoilers. Thank you!

[Philippines] I didn’t work on this character, but I would like to discuss about Bren Park’s design for this week’s EIC. We’ll find out everything else about him as the story progresses in the anime. Please continue watching and supporting Barangay 143!

Thank you for being my guest artists for this entry: Abytz (for card 2; she is Bren’s character designer) and @kopibit​ (for card 3)!

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B143 End Illustration Cards #3: Roberto “Basti” Sebastian Jr.

[Philippines] Mga ka-barangay, magandang araw ulit! We saw Wax and Vicky become emotional in today’s episode during Basti’s tribute. With her brother no longer around, Vicky received Basti’s award in his stead. In the events between Barangay Basketball and Barangay 143′s timeline, Roberto “Basti” Sebastian Jr. became a gifted basketball player for Team Puzakals as well as for the Philippine team. Outside of sports, he was a very good son to Coach B and a reliable big brother for Vicky. To Wax, Basti was his role model and a very good friend. Let’s go to the past again and this time, find out more about Basti such as how he and Wax met and what kind of person he was.

My previous EIC entry is about Wax Rivera’s design, so if you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out here! I also posted about Basti in the first EIC set.

Guest artist: Fellow character designer @exelion-star! Thank you for illustrating card 3 – Basti with his team mates in Team Puzakals!

Energy full! Let’s play basketball!

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B143 End Illustration Cards #2: Joaquin “Wax” Rivera

[Philippines] Hello mga ka-barangay! Man, did we learn more about Bren in the latest episode! Bren already had the spotlight earlier (haha), so I wanna introduce another character I designed – Joaquin Rivera, otherwise known as Wax! Most fans (especially those who played the game) are already familiar with him, no? Right now I’ll be talking about how his design came to be in the animated series. By the way, Episode 1 “End Illustration Cards” (EICs) Basti and Jinoh can be viewed here if you haven’t seen it!

Thanks to my guest artist and fellow Barangay 143 character designer @kopibit for drawing Wax’s friend Dexter in the third card! He made his debut in Episode 1 with Wax in the gym before the match between Puzakal and Oso Negro. He appeared again in Episode 2 at the scene where he, Cedric and Wax bumped on Vicky in the street.

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B143 End Illustration Cards #1: Basti and Jinoh

[Philippines] Hello, everyone! Maraming salamat po sa pagnood niyo ng unang episode ng Barangay 143! As a personal project of mine, I plan to make ‘end illustration cards’ like these and accompany it with some trivia/info about the series and/or the characters.

Let me start by mentioning that I’m honored to be part of the team as a pre-production artist! The initial designs were made by an animation studio in Japan we’re collaborating with, and my role (along with my fellow artists) is to work around those designs and finalize them to what you see at present. We also make illustrations for marketing/promotional materials and others. Among the characters I designed are Basti (anime) and Jinoh. Even if they appeared only for a short time I hope you like(d) them!

Warning: Contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen Episode 1.

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Barangay 143 (2017-2019)

Compilation of some of my drawings I’ve made for Synergy88. Proud to have worked for Barangay 143 Pinoy anime as a character designer for some of the characters as well as illustrator! Thank you for the opportunity.

Barangay 143 Official accounts: Facebook and Twitter.

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