Curtain Call


What words can’t do, actions can. But it isn’t always easy for the shy ones to use both.

Nathaniel is a popular actor known for his superb acting skills, good looks, and most of all a pleasing personality. He is admired and loved by colleagues and fans alike. Recently he was given a new role to lead in a movie that involves a lot of interaction with animals, and Jerome, who is an internet celebrity, would be joining him in the act.

Nathaniel has zero knowledge on handling animals while Jerome knows nothing about acting, so knowing that one’s weakness is what the other has for strength, the men coach each other on what they know about their occupations in order to make their movie a success.

Characters ⯆


Full name: Nathaniel Zervos Reyes
: July 1 / 26
: 6’0″ (183cm)

Nathaniel is a well-known actor and model. His skillful performances made him the favorite of the public. Nathaniel’s true personality however is revealed behind the cameras, which is a complete opposite of how everyone knows him to be: a shy and quiet person who’s anything but interesting. How Nathaniel presents himself to the public is guided by the persona he plays and everyone likes it.

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Full name: Jerome Montojo
Birthday/Age: August 8 / 29
Height: 5’9″ (175cm)

A funny man with passion for animals. He recorded himself dancing with one of the animals in the zoo for fun and the video went viral, earning him his fame. He uses his popularity to spread messages about animal conservation and care for the environment. He uploads his vlogs and memes on social media.

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