Gloom’s Embrace


There was a time when a great war took place on Cythro. Kingdoms banded together to stop the threat, and after a long fight, peace was restored… or so they all thought. Whatever happened that day is surfacing again after 12 years, and it’s making a comeback at a more sinister scale.


The World of Cythro

Cythro is a vast continent which, over the years, had its lands conquered and divided by leaders in pursuit of power. Today it has two kingdoms and one republic, its leaders more focused on progress of their lands while also maintaining diplomacy with the others.

The Kingdom of Adalla

A kingdom that covers a large mass of land including lush forests, dry deserts, and ‘dead lands’ destroyed by volcanic activity. Its capital and economic center is also called Adalla, where the king resides. Its citizens enjoy the land’s vast resources and consider their life there perfect.

The Kingdom of Gimal

An icy kingdom located at the very north. There, it snows all-year round. The people and creatures that live there are resilient to the harsh climate. Despite its dangers, its beautiful landscape attracts visitors. Travelers are to observe caution when visiting these lands. The tallest mountain in Cythro is also located in this region.

The Republic of Escro

A much more modern kingdom situated at the southwestern reaches of Cythro, near the sea. To them, progress is relying on technology than magic. While everything is still in an experimental stage, their tools and methods of living are a little more advanced than other nations.



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A Lord Knight who directly serves the King. As someone involved with the war 12 years ago, his only wish is to maintain (if not, bring back) the peace in Cythro.

…and many more heroes.

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All band together against a common enemy.

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