Ang Masayang Lungsod ng McJabi

McJabi is a fanmade 4-panel webcomic series about the mascots of Jollibee and McDonald’s interacting with each other. In this world, all of the mascots are made human and are able working adults. Their appearances are a mix of their current and past (1990’s) designs. Their personalities are taken from their actual descriptions with a twist of my own. I tweaked the characters a bit to fit with the setting of my story.

I’ll also be including (or reviving) the retired mascots/characters in the cast! Yes, that includes Jollibee’s Champ and Mico, McDonald’s Big Mac, the Fry Kids, and more!

Note: The characters’ current, canon appearances being used in the official images of the restaurants are their ‘younger selves’ here.

The comics can be read on Facebook when available!


(This page will be updated when more character sheets are released.)


I’ve been a fan of Jollibee for a while now and I thought of making fan art, but I couldn’t illustrate any sooner due to my work schedule. The idea of making comics for the franchise began earlier this year, though I thought it might be more fun and interesting if I make the characters interact also with the mascots from McDonald’s. Here in the Philippines, McDonald’s and Jollibee restaurants are mostly if not always right across each other (true rivals!). This makes me imagine scenarios between them….

McDonald’s and its characters © McDonald’s Corporation and Golden Arches. Jollibee and its characters © Jollibee Foods Corporation. Fan designs of characters © koalaflage.

2 thoughts on “Ang Masayang Lungsod ng McJabi

  1. Hi po, ako po si Ian Animations sa twitter. Ang ganda po ng webseries project na ito. One month ago, I was actually working on something related kay Jollibee pero anime opening siya. Good luck po sa project nyo!


    1. Marami pong salamat!

      Wow, that is also an interesting project! I would be happy if you share it when it is complete. 🙂


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